Monthly Archives: April 2013

Introduction: My Saving Grace

As some of you may know, I’ve been dealing with a variety of health issues for quite a while now. It got to the point that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live, but my mom came to visit and she helped me to figure out something to do with myself. I began crocheting, which I had done years ago, making headbands, and my daughter began selling them for me at her school.

Well, that worked out! But the problem was that winter would soon be over, or so I thought, and I wouldn’t be able to sell anything again until next fall so I began to explore other options. By this time, we had moved from our humble camper to a beautiful farm house and I started to feel like living. I began to explore other avenues of items to make for my daughter to sell.

I went to Michael’s to buy some yarn and there was a 70% off jewelry sale, so I bought some of that and made a few pieces. I then found out that Steampunk has hit this area in a big way, so I began to research ways to make some Steampunk themed jewelery. I came across this wonderful medium called polymer clay! I bought some at Walmart and sat down and made a Steampunk themed owl.

It was like magic. I really enjoyed it and I had gotten a great response from the people I had shown it to. I began to make more and more, and research more and more, and before I knew it I was totally addicted. 

This blog is intended to chronicle my journey into creating art with polymer clay. I want to be able to have a forum to show what I’ve done, maybe sell a little, share what I’ve learned, and have a record of how I’ve progressed. I hope you will join me and share yourImage feedback on what I’ve created, techniques, what you would like to see me make, and get to know me through my open style of sharing about myself and my creations.Image