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I’m Back!!!

For those few wonderful readers who read my blog, I appreciate your support. I was very ill and without a legit computer. I was stuck with my phone and my notebook which did not lend themselves to blog writing ease. It has been about 6 months since my last post, and I have explored many other artistic avenues during my downtime. I plan on sharing my projects as I finish them and blogging on a regular basis now that I’m back. I will share some sculptural mixed media, regular mixed media, art journaling, watercolor, and Zentangle, along with any other ventures I take along my artistic path.

I would like to share a Zentangle page I made in my art journal for my first post back. While surfing the web for Zentanglely stuff, I happened upon The Diva’s weekly challenge. I love having a prompt or specific idea to follow when designing my Zentangle inspired art (ZIA), and this challenge provides a wonderful prompt each week. This week’s prompt was Earth Day. I came up with this ZIA.


I apologize for the deplorable quality of this photo. I will be working very hard at taking better photos in the future. Here are a couple close ups that may give you a better look at this ZIA. I am going to keep this post short and sweet (like me) lol! I have to pace myself, but please keep an eye out because you’ll never know what I’ll come up with next. Who knows, you might even like it!



The “E” in Earth


The “A” in Earth


The “R” in Earth


The “T” in Earth


The “H” in Earth


Perched bird and butterfly


Flying Bird

Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)


Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)

Well, my recovery from my illness took longer than I thought, and I missed posting last week. I’m sorry for that. Although while I was recuperating, I managed to finish this project which was flying around in my brain and wouldn’t just float away.

This project is the first one I’ve done with no particular person to give it to, so I’m going to put it up for sale. I don’t have an online store yet, so if you are interested please email me


Close-up photo


Wing close-up

 Please forgive my photography skills, as I know they are lacking! This is a close-up of the piece. This piece took approximately 30 hours to make and I’ve invested about $35 in materials. It is an 11X 14 canvas attached to a wooden frame. I painted the background and sculpted the wings and letters out of polymer clay.


Love close-up

This is an original one of a kind piece of sculptured mixed media art, and because of that I’m asking $100. I have been struggling over what to value my work at, and more importantly at what price someone else would value my work. I tend to devalue myself and therefore my work, but yet I always encourage others to value themselves and their work at a much higher price; therefore, I’ve been trying to force myself to take my own advice and show pride in my work by not devaluing it. 

My creative inspiration tidbit for you this week is to value yourself and value your work like you would value others you admire. It is important to believe in yourself because other people do, and if you don’t you are discounting the love and encouragement given to you. Which is something I’m sure you and I would never intentionally want to do.

Got Verbosity? No? Then Get some!

Got Verbosity? No? Then Get some!.

Got Verbosity? No? Then Get some!


 What I mean is get “wordy” to get inspired. My friend is an excellent writer you can check out her blog here http//  It was her birthday and I wanted to make her something to encourage her to always continue to write, so I got “wordy”. I went to the dollar store and bought a dictionary. I read it cover to cover, which only took about 2 hours, and tore out any words that reminded me of her writing style i.e., hilarious, zeal, imaginative, etc., and proceeded to make her a motivational canvas for her writing room. (Side note: I wouldn’t ordinarily promote the destruction of any book, but this one was $1, and not a good dictionary) Image


This was the end result. I painted the canvas, mod podged the words, distressed them, created a Victorian woman silhouette from polymer clay, added gears and such to emulate the ol’ brain gears churning, added a lock on the brain and a key on the neck to denote that she has the key to unlock her creativity anytime she wants, made a feather plume from polymer clay and used a pen nib, and created the letters with a riveted look from polymer clay as well to keep with the steampunk vibe.


Whew, so there is most of the process, but how does it all relate to verbosity and creativity?

If you’re feeling stuck creatively, whether it be as a writer, artist, actor, musician or whatever, pick up a dictionary and thumb through it. There are so many words that can spark just the right inspiration at the right moment. The key is to be open. Don’t go looking for a specific word. Browse, linger, contemplate until the light bulb turns on. And believe me it will.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do an example.

I just opened my $1 “inspiration flint” and found the word manifest. The first phrase that comes to mind is manifest destiny. That makes me think of old ships, that makes me think of pirates and all kinds of fun stuff to make. But wait, what else does it mean? Evident to the senses esp. the sight; obvious to the understanding. Ok, so now I’m thinking about the human form and the five senses. Or maybe I could make something that is obscured or abstract. Now are you feeling me?

As an artist I would use the dictionary words to create an inspiration board with words I rarely if ever hear. As an actor I would practice portraying whatever emotion or character  that comes to mind to hone my skills, as a musician (well, I’m not) but I would guess I would try to create a piece of music that creates the vibe or emotion that a particular word conveys. Whoever you are or whatever you do getting “wordy” can help you with your creative process.

So get a cheap dictionary and make some art. I’m dying to see what words inspire you! Please let me know. Right now I’m really enjoying playing with the word malevolent. Better watch out!

The Science of Creativity

Everyone should read this!

didimi communications


We all know that feeling when a creative idea or a spontaneous desire to finger paint with our kids overtakes us. There’s a rush of something akin to adrenaline but this is not the fight or flight response, and inspiration and creativity aren’t always birthed by stress, although sometimes great stress can lead to periods of greater creativity. The point is when we’re reading a good book, getting into the flow of writing or just enjoying the quiet beauty of a summer sunset, time disappears and our bodies feel lighter, more energized and there’s a whoosh of joy that washes over us. This is a wonderful state to find yourself in. Many people try to retain that feeling, to remain inspired and creative, but sadly for many of us this state is elusive.

There’s a reason for that. In a recent article in Psychology Today magazine, Art Markman went on…

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