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Inspiration and Adversity

Well hello again friends, it’s been a while. I’ve missed 2 weeks of The Diva’s challenges and even though I’m going to post my work for the last challenge it is too late to submit it to her site. This makes me sad. I really enjoy working on these challenges, so it only makes me want to try harder to get my work done and submitted on time in the future.

In the past when i have done the challenges I have only submitted ZIA work which complied with the challenge, but as I was reading The Joy of Zentangle¬†by Design Originals the other day I realized that I am not really fulfilling the original steps to Zentangle. Now, did I think I was bad or wrong for skipping working on tiles? No, but I did feel that if I truly wish to become a CZT and to teach the principles of Zentangle then it’s like the old saying goes, “You must practice what you preach”. So from now on I have decided to make a tile for each challenge and, if I feel inspired, I will make a ZIA as well. This is my first tile EVER!


The challenge was to make your tangle with circles as your string. This is a standard sized tile of 31/2 squared. It was kind of fun to make, but here’s the rub…I don’t feel inspired to make small works of art, and if I don’t feel inspired to do something, then I just won’t do it. I feel so limited and confined by the limitations of a standard sized tile, or an ATC, let alone a twinchie or Heaven forbid an inchie! Do you struggle with these small sized constraints, or do you feel liberated from the daunting task of a larger sized blank page or canvas? I find that the bigger the better for me. I think I’m probably in the minority on this, and if I keep letting the size of a canvas stop me from creating art I will miss out on a lot of wonderful opportunities to trade art with other wonderful artists from around the world. I don’t want to miss out, and that is why I am going to push myself to continue swapping ATC’s with a wonderful group of artists on Facebook. All Things Creative is the name of the group and I really enjoy the encouragement of all of the participants. I am even going to push myself to do a twinchie swap! It’s a wonderful group and I encourage you to check us out.

I was very inspired to make a ZIA with this challenge, as I always am, so here she is!!


I did my best to make everything as circular as possible. I love her! Do you remember the orange on Sesame Street that sang with a rubber band mouth? Well, that is exactly what she reminds me of, even though it was pure coincidence. I was in quite a lot of pain when I created her and I really found it relaxing to just concentrate on one pattern, twilight zone, for the hair. I don’t know how others feel about just using one pattern, but I find that when I am in pain it helps to not have to think about which patterns to put where. I just pick one and stick with it. And this is where the adversity part of my title comes in on my little post. I want so badly to be a CZT and teach the principles of Zentangle, especially for people who are struggling with pain management, but because I struggle with illness, chronic fatigue and pain which can at times literally bring me to my knees, I also struggle with consistency. My plan for this blog has been to highlight both of my loves/obsessions (Zentangle and polymer clay), but I really haven’t gotten that to work out yet. I hope to post 2 times a week one day for each, but at this moment in time I just can’t promise that. I’m just asking that you stick with me and support me for what I am able to share with you.

And finally, during the first week that I was absent from my blog, I was stuck in bed, but I was not idle. Remember when I said that the bigger the better is what I really dig? Well, I made a ZIA/Watercolor (18X24) for my sister-in-law. I think the proportions of the girl are a bit off, but for my first attempt at something this size and style, I think I’m not embarrassed to claim it! Oh and my sister-in-law was so sweet she cried when I told her I was giving it to her. It now has a prominent place on her living room wall.






“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” ¬†–Walt Disney Company, Mulan