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Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)


Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)

Well, my recovery from my illness took longer than I thought, and I missed posting last week. I’m sorry for that. Although while I was recuperating, I managed to finish this project which was flying around in my brain and wouldn’t just float away.

This project is the first one I’ve done with no particular person to give it to, so I’m going to put it up for sale. I don’t have an online store yet, so if you are interested please email me jossetteholland@gmail.com.


Close-up photo


Wing close-up

 Please forgive my photography skills, as I know they are lacking! This is a close-up of the piece. This piece took approximately 30 hours to make and I’ve invested about $35 in materials. It is an 11X 14 canvas attached to a wooden frame. I painted the background and sculpted the wings and letters out of polymer clay.


Love close-up

This is an original one of a kind piece of sculptured mixed media art, and because of that I’m asking $100. I have been struggling over what to value my work at, and more importantly at what price someone else would value my work. I tend to devalue myself and therefore my work, but yet I always encourage others to value themselves and their work at a much higher price; therefore, I’ve been trying to force myself to take my own advice and show pride in my work by not devaluing it. 

My creative inspiration tidbit for you this week is to value yourself and value your work like you would value others you admire. It is important to believe in yourself because other people do, and if you don’t you are discounting the love and encouragement given to you. Which is something I’m sure you and I would never intentionally want to do.

Get the Funk Out!

Don't just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Don’t just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Hey, I’m all for a good, wholesome, traditional angel wing, but every once in a while this girl needs to get funky. I will probably repeat it, or I’m repeating it now, (I forget) :-0, but I get bored easily, and if I had to stick to making the same angel wings over and over, I would quit. Therefore, every once in a while I just experiment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the important thing is I feel creative; and therefore, continue to create. I experimented on these hand-sculpted polymer clay angel wing pendants by painting them with Twinkling H2O watercolors.

Getting funky also gives you the opportunity see old things in a new light with new possibilities that are maybe “dialed down a notch”.

Just a little funk will do!

Just a little funk will do!

Like these more traditional angel wings, but tipped in blue with glitter or tipped in gold, or just a pretty gold color. These wings are a little funky, but more appealing to the mainstream. This is where you can customize your work so that it doesn’t look like anything else out there, but it is still a popular item.

So, what I’m basically saying is if you are having a creative block, get funky! Do something you would never normally do, even if you hate it while you’re doing it. I bet in the end you’ll find that creative spark within what you’ve made to get you back on track.

And finally, in my last post I said I would start posting on Wednesday’s and it is Thursday, so what the funk happened? I was legitimately hospital worthy sick, but I’m already on the mend and I only missed my deadline by one day!

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you think the angel wings are funky fresh, or what the funk was she thinking!