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The Diva Challenge #165 and Some Cool Walmart Finds!



This week’s challenge was to use the pattern Camelia. When I looked at the pattern it reminded me of the design on Coach bags/purses, so I decided use the pattern as if Camelia was a woman designer drawing a design to use to give to a manufacturer. I even signed it “Designs by Camelia”. It was fun! I love doing the Diva’s challenge. It’s a great prompt to get you tangling.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, I have been exploring quite a few different art forms while I’ve been sick, and Zentangle has to be my #1. It gives me distraction from the chronic pain issues I have, and I am very grateful to have found this art form. It has also given me the confidence to attempt to draw and paint just about anything, in a variety of different mediums. It is because of this new found confidence and medical aid that I have decided to become a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher). I want to share this art form with as many people as I can, and I would like to develop a curriculum designed for people who suffer with chronic pain. I have signed up for a training conference in October and I am on a waiting list. The conference is already full, but I am hoping I will be able to come up with the money and go to Rhode Island. I am even willing to sell my car to go, but I am going to try to sell some of my polymer clay items, and maybe some of my drawings and paintings, so if you see something you like please let me know. Your purchase will be going to support a great cause!

Before I share my cool Walmart finds, I would respectfully ask that if you are reading this post, and you hate Walmart, please, please, please, don’t be hateful to me! I get it! I understand how Walmart pushes around the little guy, but right now it is really the only place I can afford unless I use a coupon at Michael’s or Joann’s. I am basically disabled, but I haven’t filed for disability. I have no other way to earn money other than selling what I make, so Walmart is one of my main options to make purchases. So please respect me and my post. Thank you!

Whenever I’m at Walmart to buy groceries I always try to sneak in at least one art or craft supply into my basket. This week on 2 separate shopping trips I found some absolutely wonderful items and I thought I’d share them with you.





My Walmart has recently started carrying this generic brand of markers. It doesn’t really have a brand name that I could find, but the above photo shows what the packaging looks like. I bought the metallic markers first  4 pens, and I think they were $2.98. They write wonderfully. I have decorated a picture frame, a mixed media painting and the inside lining of the purse above, and it is still as juicy as the day I bought it. The colors are smooth and shiny and I highly recommend them.

The package above contains 2 of each color of markers. They are similar to Sharpie and Bic Mark it markers, but the cost is much different. for 30 markers the cost was less than $7! They work exactly the same as the aforementioned brands and I recommend them!

I also wanted to let you know that Walmart is now carrying Prismacolor Markers. I bought a 4 pack which includes .005, .05, a chisel tip, and a brush tip. I love them! I think they work as good as Pigma Micron pens. The tips are very nice and write really smoothly. The cost on these is more like what you would pay at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, they were $9.99, but that isn’t a bad price, and still I just think it’s cool that Walmart is carrying a Prismacolor product.

The second item I found of this generic Walmart brand was a journal.



If I could jump, I would literally jump for joy over this journal. It has 400 pages, a ribbon page marker and it is filled with…graph paper!!! They also carry journals like this in black and with lined pages, which I may buy, but This journal is going to be my Zentangle pattern “Bible”.



This book will allow me to create a nice pattern book which will look very nice and symmetrical because of the graph paper, and I will be able to use it to look up patterns anywhere at anytime, and later I will be able to use it to teach classes. I can’t tell you how happy this journal has made me. And the cost? $12.98. I think it is well worth it, and I can’t tell a difference in quality than if I were to buy a $30 or $40 journal at Hobby Lobby.

I promise my next post will be polymer clay related. I am working on two bangle bracelet prototypes to see if I want to make more to sell. One is decorated with polymer clay tiles (like a mosaic) and the other is a hand-painted Zentangle pattern. They are almost done so check back soon, or subscribe so that you don’t miss them!

And finally, I would like to add the Diva’s Challenge button to my page, but I don’t know how to do it. I know where to get the code on her page, but I don’t know where to go on my dashboard to add it here on WordPress, so if you know how to do this, please, please, please, leave me a comment with instructions or email me at jossetteholland@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

Expand Your Art: Expand Your Mind

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
Thomas Merton

Just a quick post today. I haven’t made much of anything for the last month, but that is because I have been exploring another passion of mine, acting! I don’t plan to be in some big movie or be famous, but I love community theater. I truly do lose myself in the story line and the characters.  I try to take time out from whatever I’m doing at least once per year and volunteer my time and my talents to a local community theater production.

I talk about this to you today for 2 reasons:

1. For those of you who are local, I would like to bring your attention to this local production at The JACC and to get you to come see the show and support your local arts.

2. For those of you artists out there, who read my blog, as your creative inspiration tip today, I would like to use this opportunity to remind you that art comes in a wide variety of forms. If you are feeling stuck in your art and you are a painter, try something out of your comfort zone like sculpture, or if you are into anime step outside of your zone and give abstract painting a try. You really never know what kind of inspiration you will find! I have found some wonderful inspiration from this play!

And finally, I would also like to tell you, my dear readers, how much I appreciate you, and I would like to invite you to check out http://thingscrafty.com which is another blog I have had the privilege and opportunity to write for. There are a lot of great bloggers working for this site and you will find a plethora of arts and crafts information here.   I post there every other Friday. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.

Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)


Live, Laugh, Love (on a wing and a prayer)

Well, my recovery from my illness took longer than I thought, and I missed posting last week. I’m sorry for that. Although while I was recuperating, I managed to finish this project which was flying around in my brain and wouldn’t just float away.

This project is the first one I’ve done with no particular person to give it to, so I’m going to put it up for sale. I don’t have an online store yet, so if you are interested please email me jossetteholland@gmail.com.


Close-up photo


Wing close-up

 Please forgive my photography skills, as I know they are lacking! This is a close-up of the piece. This piece took approximately 30 hours to make and I’ve invested about $35 in materials. It is an 11X 14 canvas attached to a wooden frame. I painted the background and sculpted the wings and letters out of polymer clay.


Love close-up

This is an original one of a kind piece of sculptured mixed media art, and because of that I’m asking $100. I have been struggling over what to value my work at, and more importantly at what price someone else would value my work. I tend to devalue myself and therefore my work, but yet I always encourage others to value themselves and their work at a much higher price; therefore, I’ve been trying to force myself to take my own advice and show pride in my work by not devaluing it. 

My creative inspiration tidbit for you this week is to value yourself and value your work like you would value others you admire. It is important to believe in yourself because other people do, and if you don’t you are discounting the love and encouragement given to you. Which is something I’m sure you and I would never intentionally want to do.

Get the Funk Out!

Don't just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Don’t just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Hey, I’m all for a good, wholesome, traditional angel wing, but every once in a while this girl needs to get funky. I will probably repeat it, or I’m repeating it now, (I forget) :-0, but I get bored easily, and if I had to stick to making the same angel wings over and over, I would quit. Therefore, every once in a while I just experiment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the important thing is I feel creative; and therefore, continue to create. I experimented on these hand-sculpted polymer clay angel wing pendants by painting them with Twinkling H2O watercolors.

Getting funky also gives you the opportunity see old things in a new light with new possibilities that are maybe “dialed down a notch”.

Just a little funk will do!

Just a little funk will do!

Like these more traditional angel wings, but tipped in blue with glitter or tipped in gold, or just a pretty gold color. These wings are a little funky, but more appealing to the mainstream. This is where you can customize your work so that it doesn’t look like anything else out there, but it is still a popular item.

So, what I’m basically saying is if you are having a creative block, get funky! Do something you would never normally do, even if you hate it while you’re doing it. I bet in the end you’ll find that creative spark within what you’ve made to get you back on track.

And finally, in my last post I said I would start posting on Wednesday’s and it is Thursday, so what the funk happened? I was legitimately hospital worthy sick, but I’m already on the mend and I only missed my deadline by one day!

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you think the angel wings are funky fresh, or what the funk was she thinking!

2 Legit 2 Quit!…Almost

Okay, okay, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, and you were wondering if I’d just quit, but no! I’ve been working on turning my hobby/therapy into a legit business. I’ve been taking this course called Dream Your Success http://dreamyoursuccess.com/ and I’ve been learning both the business aspect and the online aspect of starting my own business. It’s been extremely helpful, and because of this you are now visiting http://jossetteholland.com/. I’ve also added a handy way for you to subscribe to my site by email. (Facebook will be coming soon)

I’ve got a lot of updating to do, so this will be a long one, but informative and celebratory nonetheless. Let’s start with a celebration! I won a little challenge with one of my latest sculpted mixed media projects on http://craftylink.com/ It’s titled “Octopus’ Garden” and I’ve decided to name him Ringo.

Ringo is hangin' out with his treasures on a hot summer night. Everything  with the exception of a few metal items was sculpted with polymer clay and attached to an 11 x 14 canvas board.

Ringo is hangin’ out with his treasures on a hot summer night. Everything with the exception of a few metal items was sculpted with polymer clay and attached to an 11 x 14 canvas board.

If you would like to see detail photos of Ringo go check out my other blog. http://polymerclayproductions.com/ That’s right I’ve become a designer blogger for Polymer Clay Productions and will be blogging every other Friday for them. There may even be some that pop up in between, so check their site on Fridays.

I am now going to make a commitment to you, valued reader that I will post a new blog every Wednesday. I’ll be updating you on my projects, business progression, and hopefully providing you with some creative inspiration.

And last, but certainly not least, if you have read previous blogs of mine, you will know that my poor mother didn’t get anything from me for Mother’s Day. Well, I’m sorry to say her birthday rolled around and I still didn’t have the “big gift” finished for her then either, but she came unexpectedly to visit me on the 4th of July and we collaborated and she now has both her big gift and her pigs-in-a-blanket earrings! Here are some pics of her piece. I hope you enjoy them and I’ll be back next Wednesday with another update!

This was a collaborative piece with my mother. (She told me what she wanted and I did it)

This was a collaborative piece with my mother. (She told me what she wanted and I did it)

The words were all sculpted from polymer clay. My Mom requested the lyrics from Amazing Grace which is scattered throughout.

The words were all sculpted from polymer clay. My Mom requested the lyrics from Amazing Grace which is scattered throughout.

I also added keys near some of the words as a symbol that those actions bring about healing.

I also added keys near some of the words as a symbol that those actions bring about healing.

I used a fabric lily and added some pink pearls and chain, which attaches to the pocket watch in the middle of the piece.

I used a fabric lily and added some pink pearls and chain, which attaches to the pocket watch in the middle of the piece.