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Get the Funk Out!

Don't just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Don’t just settle for doing what you know, try something new!

Hey, I’m all for a good, wholesome, traditional angel wing, but every once in a while this girl needs to get funky. I will probably repeat it, or I’m repeating it now, (I forget) :-0, but I get bored easily, and if I had to stick to making the same angel wings over and over, I would quit. Therefore, every once in a while I just experiment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the important thing is I feel creative; and therefore, continue to create. I experimented on these hand-sculpted polymer clay angel wing pendants by painting them with Twinkling H2O watercolors.

Getting funky also gives you the opportunity see old things in a new light with new possibilities that are maybe “dialed down a notch”.

Just a little funk will do!

Just a little funk will do!

Like these more traditional angel wings, but tipped in blue with glitter or tipped in gold, or just a pretty gold color. These wings are a little funky, but more appealing to the mainstream. This is where you can customize your work so that it doesn’t look like anything else out there, but it is still a popular item.

So, what I’m basically saying is if you are having a creative block, get funky! Do something you would never normally do, even if you hate it while you’re doing it. I bet in the end you’ll find that creative spark within what you’ve made to get you back on track.

And finally, in my last post I said I would start posting on Wednesday’s and it is Thursday, so what the funk happened? I was legitimately hospital worthy sick, but I’m already on the mend and I only missed my deadline by one day!

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you think the angel wings are funky fresh, or what the funk was she thinking!